Still no work in the studio. This weekend I had to sacrifice my studio so my kitchen can get finished. Joey is slowly painting all the cabinets and needed my area to "spread out". I do have lots of beginning of the semester computer work to do along with updating my resume' and mailing list..so I'm here at the computer anyways instead of out playing with clay. I keep telling myself...soon...soon.

Today Ron Philbeck and I spent the afternoon trying to come up with a creative snap-shot for our upcoming fall Circle of Eight sale. We decided to go with a mug theme for this years card. I got a little carried away with the marshmellows today.This year our quest is Ronan Petersons. The date of our sale will be October 3rd and as the time gets closer, I'm sure I'll have a lot more information for you. Here are some funny photo's of a marshmellow guy we were playing with today. The final image for our card will be decided soon. ( No marshmellow guy made the cut I'm afraid.)

Tomorrow I start my class at Winthrop. Today I was there getting all the final things in order like keys, lock combinations and asking lots of questions about policies and such. Its so funny how all Universities have a different sort of feeling to them weather it is relaxed or formal. I went to two polar opposite art schools so I'll be curious to see what Winthrops "vibe" is. I am really not to nervous about teaching the class at all but I am nervous about leaving my crew alone on Tues/Thursday nights. The homework this year has doubled and I'm not sure Joey and I are up to the challenge of it all. I think by next week we will all have our "groove" down and I'll have my studio times set and everything work a bit smoother. I'm just going to keep saying to myself that after Christmas I'll be back to days and I can hopefully pick-up any loose ends that may get away from us this fall. Wish us luck!


Scott Smith said...

Jen, I love the marshmallow guy in the cup of hot chocolate!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I wonder, what colleges did you go to?

Jen Mecca said...

Hey Gary,
I went to Virginia Commonwealth University and East Carolina. Two very differant art schools..jen

Anonymous said...

quick, the marshmallow snow man's drowning... a few nice mugs there in the background

Jen Mecca said...

Well atleast we did rescue him and take him indoors. His friends where not so lucky, I just pitched them into the yard for the animals...or kids I guess, whomever comes first!

Linda Starr said...

Great mugs with hot chocolate in them.