Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel checking in!

Finally today I had some time to devote to my blog and I realize all the photo's from Blowing Rock are on my internal memory and well....a few cable issues going on there so I'll wait to my Tec Guy gets home. If stuff didn't happen like this once a month with my blog, you all wouldn't enjoy reading my adventures as much!

In the mean time I just thought I'd say Hello! School started for all of us this week. York tech started today so I'm making sure my Art History class is all fine and looks good up on the web and my kids went back yesterday so I'm getting back into the swing of things. I'm sort of like that guy in the Staples commercial singing" Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year". I do miss the kids and love to pick them up from school but this summer I do have to admit it was hectic trying to do my normal routine and still take care of every one's needs. If I could just have no cares in the world and not work responsibilities it would all be great but that is not reality so I have to learn how to juggle. The kids and I did have a great summer but now its time for everyone for everyone to get back to learning along with myself!

I have not been in the studio but tomorrow is clean-up day and I'll be sending out some work like I do after every show. I like my routine of getting back organized before I start on a new batch of work. I think we all must like doing that!

In the mean time I know you all are enjoying having Ron Philbeck's blog back and running so enjoy some his "English" adventure and I'll be posting some pottery talk hopefully soon.



Ron said...

Thanks for the plug. Look forward to seeing ya soon

Scott Smith said...

I just saw that commercial and it cracked me up. Debi was doing that dance this week.