I offered to make some eggs for a special Easter hunt this weekend. These look a little "dirty" but I promise they will be pretty colorful come Friday. Last night I also experimented with some decals on some tiles. I'm always trying something new! This evening I will tackle my photo booth again. I appreciate every one's input on those photo's. It has been so long since I've attempted that myself, you tend to forget this and that and the other rules you need to follow when taking photo's. I'll get some new shots up this evening.

Please check over to my show information- it will be up by lunch time today.


cookingwithgas said...

Your eggs are great- I want to find one in my backyard!

Mr. Young said...

Great form! I bet they will be fantastic in color!

Scott Smith said...

How cool is that??? I love em. Hope I get to see the finished product.