Pots cooked ...pots ready to go

I've quickly snapped a few photo's recently...just haven't gotten a chance to get one here to post them. But here are a few pots out of the bisque kiln. These are a few more covered pots with those fancy colored clay knobs.
Here a few small versions of my Lillie vases. I thought it would be a good idea to make a few small versions of these.

Its getting to be the end of the school year for my children and my classes. What these means for me is lots of end of the year assembly, lots of homework for that final push and trying to keep the spring fever at bay. For my college students...well this semester it means many folks worried about their grade after the fact and final exams to work out. I'm not really sure which set of "kids" take up more of my studio time to be honest!
Next weekend I have a show with my good pal Lisa Oakley. More on that in a few days.
Just had a great bike ride with Quaid and the girls are outside catching bugs while my wonderful husband whips up some dinner. I'm trying to talk him into a little wine and relaxing on the swing this evening because lately we both have been going full force. Days just spent at home can be the best days I've decided!
Here's a happy little drawing by Aydan below. I wish I could walk around some days with glitter in my hair!


ang design said...

happy firing..

-Rob, Simple Circle Studios said...

I'm really diggin' those vases. Very nice.
Do your kids and/or students get a little nutty in the spring? I work at a high school and it seems like all the students lost half their brain cells when the weather warmed up.

Linda Starr said...

I love the drawing Aydan did, it's so special.

Judi Tavill said...

love the hair glitter BUT i particularly want those"grass" looking eye lashes...and the bracelets...all about attention to detail my dear friend...