Fishy color issues

I played around with a bunch of settings on my camera this evening after reading all the suggestions ( along with a phone conversation with a pottery pal). Oh..technology always enjoys tripping me up! After getting these downloaded to the computer, I think I know what needs to be fixed on my next round of photo's. You all remember this little cup!
This dinner plate looks like its going to the prom with all that pink light underneath it. YIKES...
To late to fool with it anymore. Time for my beuty sleep. I think this Easter Bunny is in for a big weekend with lots of kids on a sugar high.
( One needs to prepare all week to handle a holiday weekend with three little kids. Rest, eating right and some mediation are all needed so by Tuesday when everyone goes back to school I'm not ready to crawl back into bed for an entire day!)


Anonymous said...

so hard to tell what's going on just from looking but it might be your light bulbs. if you don't have a white balance adjustment on the camera, you would need full spectrum bulbs. jeff campana has a comprehensive post about this at... http://jeffcampana.com/blog/2009/03/turning-pots-into-jpegs-part-one-the-setup/ i apologize if i already sent you that.

The Waverly Inn said...

Try shooting with a totally black background and see whether that gives you the desired effect. I think you might be surprised.