Just wanted to say hello.

This week has been my catch-up week for my Mom/Family stuff. I'm slowly making some clay, glaze tests and odds and ends before getting back in the swing of things. Today I took the huge bandage off my finger but typing is still sort of awkward.

My tech guy has been very busy working on my new website, blog, flicker and yes etsy account this week. Guess I need to make more pots if I want to sell some on etsy..right? Anyways, he's doing a great job and maybe by next week we'll be making the big switch to the new format. Very exciting!

Off to do a bit more work before heading to school to get the kids and take them a little run around the park. The weather is awesome here!


Linda Starr said...

Looking forward to seeing all your new tech stuff; I know when I set up my website for my lavender farm, I felt like I did more work thand the web designer, so I know it's a lot of work on your end too, good luck with it all.

Jen Mecca said...

Thanks Linda. Really Its not me doing the work, its my husband. I bascially come in and out of my studio at night and say "wow, that looks good!" or " Honey, can you add this or that? ".

I'm really lucky I have someone that will do that for me. I'd be paying alot for a web person otherwise!