International small teapot show

A friend of mine emailed me this link/show. Teapots are always good to look at weather good of bad I think. In any large group shown, you can always pick out a few that are similar in some way to your style of doing pots. Here you can practice critiquing surface, functional and form all in the privacy of your own home! Here are some of my favorites and of course all are altered. Have fun looking!


We are doing teapots in my class this session. Teaching how to make a teapot is hard because I feel like I'm still always trying to make that unique, perfect teapot. As I've watched several of my student work on there own teapot, I think I've realised that trial and error of all those pieces are good for everyone, even if they don't work quite right. One tends to keep their teapots and over the years I've really studied some of mine.If they pour and there where no cracks I think its was a successful first attempt at something very hard.
On that final note, I'm in a teapot show this summer so I need to work once more on that perfect pot!


tres cheek super freak said...

jen, what a lovely blog. i love giving your pottery to friends and family. it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

John "little like sand" said...

Love looking at tea pots. Never made a really nice one. Those are really interesting.

Jen Mecca said...

Marie!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey...how are you? Boy do I miss my gals that I use to work-out with, we had fun complaining did'nt we?
Hope school is good. Come visit any time ( the blog or my house!)Jen

Scott Smith said...

Your taste in teapots is a lot more whimsical than mine. Oh wait, I forgot -- I'm not into teapots. LOL. They are interesting. I can't even imagine trying to make one. I think it would be way too stressful at this point. Someday maybe. I'll be interested in seeing what you throw for your teapot show (I didn't even know there was such a thing).