Plates and bowls

I've been busy loading a bisque kiln with plates and bowls. These bowls are new for me.
I kind of made them to go along with the dinner plates I plan on having at our Spring Circle of Eight sale April 12th.( I'll get an image up soon of the great card thatAmy Sanders did for all of us...)
Last night I worked on butter dishes and flower blocks while also brewing once about my water issue in the backyard.( Yet another post if I have anything positive to report on that subject).Friday morning I took down the work from the Treasures Of The Earth show that I do every year in Shelby NC. I think I may take a breather from that show next year because my sales seem to get smaller and smaller instead of bigger and bigger each year. ( Well really just the last few years.) I know everyone is so anxious about the economy and what it will do to pottery sales now that we are into the spring buying season of 2008. I'm still pretty optimistic because I think those people that buy my pots aren't really effected by the non-existing recession that we keep hearing about. April will prove the point to me either one way of the other since I have a lot of shows that month.
Did I mention Ron Philbeck, Amy Sanders, Julie Wiggins and myself got to hang out and have a great breakfast together that morning? I love eating with my friends, especially my pottery friends so we can talk "shop".
The kids are on Spring Break this week sooooooooo I'll either get a lot of stuff done or non at all..we'll see!

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Becky said...

Oh oh. As one who recently had a water issue in her backyard I commiserate with you. And I have to agree that this recession isn't a recession at all...unless we buy into it and make it so. I don't.