Pots bone dry

Here are the new cut-outs for the flower blocks. We'll see how they go over.

These are custard cups. Joey made this great poached egg dish for Easter brunch and he did not have any of these to use (I guess Southern Living showed this dish using these little guys). He asked me a few days before our big meal if I could make some for him. ( You would think after being around this process for 13 years he would of known better......) Needless to say we had to get some from Walmart but I did go out to make some. They are kind of fun and if they don't sell..well he'll have his custer cups for the next time!

Last is a huge bowl. I'm starting to venture back into big platters and using them as a canvas. I haven't done this since Grad School so I'm kind of looking forward to it.
I plan on putting some engobes on them. For right know I wanted to get use to throwing such a large form again and play with just may usual pallet. We'll see if it makes it through the firing.

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