Pots I like...

I'm here...lots of running around this week and having teenagers come in to help with the children. I haven't been feeling to go either so I've kept my distance from blogging.
Any who.....Here are some pots that I kind of liked and found at Dwight Hollands house while I was in Seagrove a few weekends back. For those of you who do not know Dwight, he is huge collector of pottery ( and a potter himself) in Seagrove NC. He always hosts the NC Potters Conference and has a big BQ at his house on the second night. There are pots EVERYWHERE in his house so lots to look at,pick up and guess as to whom made what. My friend Ron Philbeck and I had a good time playing that game with some teapots. I have to admit I'm not the best at it but Gay Smith came by and helped Ron out a bit with some mystery pots.

On a side note to the that weekend, I learned once again that I'm not good at mingling with people whom I don't know.I feel very uncomfortable in a crowd.Teaching is different than mingling. As I was "holding up a corner" at Dwight's house I was wondering how many of the other creative people in the room felt the same as I did. When I was interviewed last week for the YC Magazine the reporter asked me if I liked selling my work and I told him that I'm getting better at talking with people when they come into my booth. This has taken a lot of time to do. It did finally occur to me that the work was not going to run off the shelf into people's hands so even though I do not push anyone into buying anything, I do try and speak up if I think they have a question about something they are looking at. I don't like being insancere about my work and selling it mainly because when the shoe has been on the other foot I can spot cow-poop a mile away ( and I don't want people leaving my booth with cow-poop on there shoes.)
I always kind of think of the dancing frog on Loony Tunes that only sang "hello my honey, hello my sweetheart ect....." and then he would get quiet if he was asked to perform. Pretty much everything in my head I see in "cartoon" language if that makes any sense.
Off to cut the grass!


Debi said...

Can you project the cartoons in your head on to the wall so we can all enjoy them?

How are you?? It seems like it's been ages since we talked.

What happened with York Tech?

Jen Mecca said...

( Some would have to be rated PG13 so that would'nt be good if our kids where around...)

I got the job at York tec.Do you want to take an online course on Art Appreciation from me?

Ron said...

Just for the record, I was right about that square teapot being my Mark Shapiro and Gay was not. G. and I have had 'name that pot' contests at Dwight's before and I come out on top. (of the contest, that is).
The last time it was over a Josh DeWeese teapot.