Quick Check in

I have kind of an out of the ordinary week going on so I'm not planning on getting a lot done in the studio..just a few things. Yesterday I had to doing shipping and found the mother load of free boxes back behind the Food Lion in town. That's always a plus so I don't have to spend money on boxes. I also worked on my vegetable dishes last night and threw more plates. Today I plan on keeping that project going. The next three days I'm going to splitting my time between my parents home and ours to help take care of my grandmother. On Saturday I'm off to the North Carolina Potters Conference in Ash borough Nc. Here is the list of who will be there.

Guest Potters:
Mary Law — Berkeley, California

Jane Hamlyn — Everton, England

Robin Best — Adelaide, Australia

I'm looking forward to seeing Mary Law demo again. She is one of those people that I don't necessarily makes pots like hers but I love her work and like to demo them for my classes. I'll keep checking in!


John "little like sand" said...

I curtainly remember the days of dumster diving for boxes and making deals with stores for their bubble wrap. Out here all the boxes are now put in locked recycle bins. I would bring home more stuff that stores had pitched, fix it up and use around the shop. My like the craft store discards the best.

Anonymous said...

I've attended twice and it's better than NCECA!