I'm turning in early this evening. I read this great article about how important sleep was the other day and even though I tend to push the envelope some weeks, I do believe that this is true that one needs sleep. I wish I could get 9 hours every night but this just does not work all the time. So, this weekend I told myself I would try to catch up on some much needed sleep.
I have a glaze kiln going this evening. I'm always nervous when I fire pieces that have to be somewhere. My fingers and toes are crossed! This evening I trimmed some bowls and watched such a great movie called Once. There have been some great sound tracks lately to films and this one was fantastic. I wish I had been born with the gift of making music because I think music is one of the top things that makes living so wonderful. I hope in a few years we can save up some money to buy the kids a piano so they can grow up having the chance to play and maybe I'll even take lessons again!
Last night the group from Circle of Eight met and as always it was good food, good talk and focus on moving forward. I brought these plates to share with my fellow potters. The words on my work are pretty new and I'm not sure where I'm going with this if anywhere at all. These plates are made out of my red slop clay with porcelain slip brushed on the top. I have brushed on a orange stain and added some red glaze to a few spots which is then waxed over. I then dipped them in my regular glaze colors and we'll see what comes out. I have a lot of ideas going around in my head for one of a kind platters. If these come out, I'll post the final result.


Vicki Gill, potter said...

I really like the words and images on these new plates. I also thought the images of the engobe from your earlier post were very nice. I've thought about putting thoughts on some of my work, but it seems like you have to decide if you want to be ironic, journalistic, inspiritional or nonsensical. I haven't really decided which category I would fall into. What do you think or what inspires you to link your images to words?

Scott Smith said...

Jen, funny I just posted on my blog about watching Once and how much I am in awe of the creative process of music. I very much enjoyed the music. Have you ever watched THAT THING YOU DO? It's very different from Once but Debi and I both loved it.

BTW, the plates look cool. Can't wait to see them in person.