Here's my roof on the kiln shed( taken on such a nice, crisp Easter morning). We had a great weekend filled with lots of family, food, candy, Easter egg hunts and blooming flowers. I can not wait to get out in my gardens again soon and start giving them a little attention.
One more day with the kids at home and than we will be back to the same old running around. I'm looking forward to a few free Thursday night away from teaching until my class resumes. This will give me extra hours in the studio plus I love Thursday night TV I have to confess.
I'll report back soon with some photo's of pots in progress.


Ron said...

That looks really great Jen. Looks well flashed and everything. Congrats. Did Ann use that rain cap? Just wondering how that may effect the draft. If at all.
Too bad all the singles were gone by the time you snapped this pic.
When should we expect some pots from this kiln?

Jen Mecca said...

AHHHHHHH.. when I have the $700 for the gas and the $500 for the ITC.
Do you think I'll get over run with buyers at the circle of eight show to pay for all of that?

Ann did use the rain cap so if I have any issues I can ask her.

I also need to get some soaps somewhere. What do you suggested? Oh and I forgot I still need to do the angle iron. Maybe next week I can meet you at the place and get what I need for the kiln.

The singles are all have a party in my glaze shed.

Kate Frichtl said...

Hey Jen-I haven't looked at your blog in a while. You make me feel very unproductive as I stare at my messy kitchen feeling unmotivated to clean it and I read that you are shingling a kiln shed.
Ok, I need to have a glass of wine now. Kate :-)

Jen Mecca said...

Hey Kate!
You have it all wrong...I did NOT shingle that kiln shed myself. I can just see me falling off the roof if I had to do it myself.
Go ahead and have that glass of wine. I was there once! Life is so much better now that the girls are in pre-school half day EVERY day. Hang in there, it does get better...just differant issues to deal with!
Love, Jen