Middle of the week update

I can not believe it is already Wednesday. I have two more days of daytime quiet at home and then the weekend will be here. I do enjoy my quiet time but I also love when Joey is home and we can be a combined force with getting our little troops rallied in positive directions. Our house was so clean this weekend and as I look around at the destruction that is the norm on the weekdays, I once again ask myself how does anyone keep any order with kids and a job.
On to pots!
Here are some flower blocks and tops of butter dishes.
I changed the "sprouts" to my flower blocks a bit. Instead of cutting three sections out of the little vases I throw for the top, I decided on two cuts instead. ( Of course I saw that someone else did this and thought it was a good idea to try).
We'll see if I like it once I put some flowers in there. I've also started having some cut-outs in the tops as well. I'll take some photo's of those this evening so it will show the change. Always trying to improve on an idea!

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