Monday evening

Yet another start to another week and its Halloween week, my favorite week of the year! I'm sure to have lots of photo's of my kids on here in the next few days. I love to see them dressed up and I love to dress them up. I only wish more adults around here would get into the act so I could be as goofy as I wanted to as well. Last year I dressed up like a purple devil and went to an annual kids party at a friends house. Needless to say I was about the only one dressed in full costume besides a handful of mom's with a few witches hats on. ( Lame) This year I bought a blinking purple spider to put on my head and I guess that is all I'm going to do. My mother in law came to visit today and she has gone all out for this kids with a witch costume. She is a great person and wonderful grandmother. Today Quaid was just loving all over her with no inhibitions whats so ever. He is such and effectionite boy, which he gets from his Dad I'm sure.

Yesturday I got my glaze kiln all loaded. I spent so much time cleaning my shelves, mixing up the glazes and waxing everything very carefully. This is the second dinnerware I'm doing for a customer so I have my fingers crossed it comes out. Tomarrow I'll crack and it and see in the morning. This evening I worked on some new trays and threw so more big bowls and olive dishes.

We managed to carve our pumkins yesturday and today the girls and I roasted the seeds. I'm about the only one who eats them but the girls enjoyed mixing them in butter, honey and seasoning salt. I managed today to figure out our movie camera and got the girls singing this funny Duck song on it. Aydan was coloring and singing "Quack, Quack, Quack" at the top of her lungs today. She and I have had some more hard days together. She is very hard for me to understand and when I can not understand what she wants she gets fustrated and acts out. I have a special little place for her in my heart because I fear she may have some of the same reading and learning issues that I had growing up. ( I have dyslexsia). Anyways, here is a photo of the her and I at the Ranch last weekend.

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