Taking time to just be mom today.

I always give myself a day of rest after a show. What I like to do is unload pots and clean my studio to get ready for the next thing that I'm working on. Sometimes I do, but today......I didn't. In stead I spent time with the kids and planted bulbs. We put up Halloween decorations, they helped me dig and I played lego's and Playmobil with my son. I even made dinner tonight, which usually doesn't happen on the weekends because Joey has planned some elaborate dish he wants to try out. So, I had a good day just doing what most mom's do on Sundays, a lot of nothing that equals out to something for the kids.

Joey was nice enough to unload the car for me today and I had every intension of getting out to my studio this evening for "the clean-up", but here I sit and my bath and bed are telling me that , that is where I need to be, not out in the cold. For anyone who is not firmilar with my studio set-up( maybe I've talked about this before) I'm on our Back porch which is just screened in so in the winter we have to put on the thickest plastic one can buy and staple it all around my shop. It keeps the wind from blowing in and once I get my space heater cranking out there, it stays....Well atleast somewhat warm to work. I was telling Joey today that the older I get the more I just hate when winter comes and the thought of going out to work in the cold. When it get super cold I usually buddle up like I'm going out into a snow storm with hats and long-johns; the whole nine yards. I get a bucket of hot water to throw with and the tips of my fingers sometimes crack in the winter due to the cold and hot that I expose them to out there. I also take my space heater and sit it up on a chair aimed right at my hips for warmth. That is how I get through the winter months. You can bet that if I do ever get a real studio it will have a biggest heater money can buy! Tomarrow night the plastic goes up!

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