Thursday Night and mind struggles

I managed to get out to my studio at 7:30 this evening. Lately I've been doing something with the kids, going for a walk or doing my "computer work" at this time. This evening I was ready to work. I got some last things trimmed and started doing my stain work on the dinnerware I'm finishing up. I'm starting to get a little bit tired of my leaf decoration and long to do something different. Maybe since I've been doing so many of these plates the repatition is getting to me. All in all I did get a lot done which is good because I'm planning on loading a bisque kiln this weekend and firing a glaze next week. I have a few more trays to finish up for my cruet sets and salt and pepper sets that are going to a gallery. I'm also in search of a new design for both of those items but at the moment I'm drawing a blank.

I mentioned "mind struggles" in my heading. Sometimes I get bogged down with my career thoughts and today/this evening was one of those days. I go over and over in my mind all the things career wise I would like to have the opportunity to do but just at the moment can't. Those thoughts alway lead to the next one that.... I'm not getting any younger and so many younger potters have such great resumes these days that do and will surpass mine. When I wrote to Lana Wilson I sort of stated this point in my letter. I'm not trying to say"oh poor me, stuck home with kids" but what I am saying that I have a fear of getting behind the pack and not having a diverse enough resume' for jobs, grants and invitational shows. Also since I'm not one to "network" I also don't have the resources for things to , lets say " fall in my lap" so I guess I kind of feel on the outskirts of things going on sometimes. Anyways, these thoughts bogged me down this evening so I had to get them off my chest and just.....keep on pluggin' along. Ok.....enough with the deepness, time to go jump into bed and start another day.
Tomorrow I won't have time to work in my studio. I plan on doing housework, taking the girls to the library and shopping during the day. Than tomorrow evening Quaid's school in having a big Fall Festival that we are volunteering at so its a full day of being a mom.

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Ron said...

Hey Jen,
I totally relate to the whole "mind struggles" thing. I was thinking this morning after I had been out to the hardware store and spent $100 that I hate doing this whole show thing. It's a total ego thing for me if I really admitt it. If I had it my way I'd sell all of my work out of my showroom at an affordable price. That way I could make what ever I want all the time, it could change, I could take risks, experiment, play, have fun. Instead I worry that I need to have a 'style', that I need to continue making what I have been so my galleries (what few I have) will have pots they know will sell to order. It's insane. The whole show and gallery thing for me is total ego, I want my work to be seen with my peers and with those other great potters out there. But does that really matter? Not to me, not really. I just want to make pots and have people take them home and use them and enjoy them. I already have $1000 tied up in the ACC show and I haven't sold the first pot. (Don't let Joey read this). Okay enough of my rant. I sure will be glad when these shows are done. I could take that $1000 and promote my home sale, never leave the house, have people come to me. That would be awesome! Okay I'm really done now.