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I got to back work last night. Boy, we had a good weekend visiting with friends and family but like I said before, I could not wait to get back in my studio. I was chompin' at the bit in the car about all the things I need to work on for this month. At one point on our ride Joey was playing a silly game with the kids and trying to get me involved, but I was " in my zone" as he noted, lost in my pottery thoughts.

Anyways, I worked on some urns last night, trimmed and threw some platters, made some larger clam boxes( I've got big idea's for those), and threw some more bowls for the dinnerware set I'm re-doing. It turned out that my customer was not 100% sure about how the dish color came out; not what she envisioned so I'm re-doing the set. The good news is that someone called me the other day and said that she is interested in the set! So...Barbara, if your out there reading "the Pottery blog", I'll have the set at the barn sale!

I also can't wait to do another glaze firing to see if my kiln is still being temperamental. I think I need to start making some kiln gods,even though my kiln is just electric. I've underestimated all the things that can go wrong with an electric kiln ever since I started doing this kind of firing 6 years ago. In school it seemed that everyone stuck there noses up at the electric kiln. It was considered a kiln for "hobbyist and old ladies". I too was included in this group! Well I have since learned ( and the kiln gods have thoughts me a lesson) that electric firing isn't as "girlie" as I once thought. I have had a lot of ugly pots come out of the kiln that have proven to me that I don't know everything about ceramics!

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Ron said...

Hey Jen,
Just thought I'd say hi and let you know I'm still checking out your entries. Good luck with that dinnerware!