Slow week

Here a photo of my heater....and very messy studio

It been slow going in my studio due to the cold. I have been working but just not at the pace I'm use to. I have lots of things coming up and due so hopefully this weekend I'll get a burst of energy and gets tons of stuff done. I'm anxious to get some orders out of the way and concentrate on new stuff.
My friend Ron Philbeck sent me some website of a group of female potters from a variety of places. The two of us where trying to figure out a "tricks" that one of them used on her pieces. I guess we all have tricks that we don't want to share. Its hard to give people information when you have spent so long coming up with stuff yourself. Of course I'm one of the first ones there when I can find out how someone did something.....and of course I want to try it. Anyways, I'm going to post those website for all to look at. You can give your thoughts. I pretty much saw something in all of them I liked but I did have my favorites. I am intrigued at potters who just make a few things over and over again and that is all they sell. I get bored to easily to stay on that track and I guess some part of me( even though I suspect it is smart for selling your stuff and taking orders from) find this way of making pots a bit uncreative or stifling, but that is just me. I guess it really shows what an intuitive person I am with a bit of ADD thrown in.


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