Saturday with Beethoven

I did accomplish pretty much everything I wanted to today beside throw some trays for my sets. It is 8:40 and we had a late dinner because I was out with Quaid buying the rest of his Halloween costume. I had told myself this evening I was going to throw since this afternoon I got the rest of my pieces stained and in the kiln. Unforcuently I am to beat to work out in the cold this evening. I'm granting myself a break( even though I'm sure I will regret this next week when I get back into panice mode about all I need to get done).

Anyways, I had a very relaxing and reflective day in my studio. I was by myself with no interuptions and I felt I really needed the peace to concentrate and just be with my thoughts. I was thinking while I was selecting my music for the day that I use to listen to classical music whenever I was writing a big paper. When I was working on my thesis in grad school I had a routine of putting on one of my favorite CD's called Immortal Beloved. It is the soundtrack to a movie about Ludwig Van Beethoven. (If you have'nt seen it, Gary Oldman in fantastic in it! )After listening to this today after many months of it gathering dust I fell in love with it again. It very funny to me that I find this music soothing, comforting and very effective when I need to really think. When I was little classical music was a big part of my life. My mother played it alot and my sister and I took piano lessons. I also pretty much HATED classical music as a child. My mother once told a funny story of riding in the car with myself and one of my young girl friends and me saying to my friend" you'll get use to the music after a while". In otherwords, I was lucky if my mom put a rock and roll station on for me for more than maybe 15 minutes on a long car ride. While I was taking piano lessons I did have to play alot of classical music and always snuck off to find "pop music" books. I think I must of played "Band on the Run" by Wings a million times when I was sapose to be practicing Bach or something like that.

In my reflective mind today while listening to "Fur Elise" I thought how important it is that one day Joey and I buy a used piano for the kids so they can take lessons. I think music is so important for the mind and soul. I pretty much have to have some sort of music going on through most of my day to keep me up beat. I guess I have to thank my parents and mostly my mother for all those times I was stuck listening to public radio.


Ron said...

Hey Jen,
What was your thesis on anyway?
I have totally gotten away from music over the past 7-8 years. It's weird b/c it was such a big part of my life in my teens and 20's. Recently I have been getting back into some old tunes. I was on YouTube.com the other day watching clips by Devo, They Might Be Giants, and the Pixies. It was so fun and I was instantly in a better mood. I get no reception in my studio. Maybe it's time to get an iPod. (I'll have to make lots of sales next week to justify that). See ya soon. Thanks for the cool post about your music past.

Jen Mecca said...

I've been getting into my old mixed tapes as well and I found one yesturday with Bow,Bow,Bow on it..I use to love them and Morrisey.

Its kind of hard to explain what my thesis was on. Pretty much the long and short was about dinning and all the differant dishes one needs for specialty food. Also it centered around my Italian backround and how dinning was always such a big part of my upbriging. Anyways, for my thesis show I planned menu's and made exact dishes for each thing and even made the table cloths ect. to go with the dinnerware and serving pieces.