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I started this blog I think about two years back because I had read an article in Clay Times by Lana Wilson that really hit home for me. It was called Mud Mama's and I think each article that she wrote finally felt like I was connected to others in this field.
So......I thought keeping this virtual journal for all to see may connect with another just like myself that could relate to the duel life of motherhood and being a crafts person. With that said, as time marches on I don't get to spend as much time really thinking about my entries and how well written they are or if they are even interesting to anyone. Half the time I don't even get enough pottery photo's up to show what I'm doing so I've thought to myself, "why do I call it The Pottery Blog"? I have to admit, some days I can see tons of comments on one person site and none on mine for days and I may get a little hurt. I'd like to think I have a thick skin but really....... then I remember the real reason I do this is for me and that one other mom out there.
I got a nice email today from a mom and a potter who lives in Canada and it did really make my day. Its so intriguing to get email or comments from people you have never met but want to connect with you in some way. I think with in the last year or so many potters are blogging and its kind of a great networking tool for everyone. I have potters I have never seen there work add me to their blogger list, which is such a nice gesture. Since Joey put my blog together, there are some sites I have to admit I have only read once. Most days, as I've said, I hardly have time to write something on my own blog let alone read others! Tonight I spent some time cleaning my "connection" folder and also reading blogs by some pretty well known potters. Here are just a few that have some really nice blogs. When I read them I can tell they take the time to think about what they write and they are good at editing. Once again, my thin skin gets a little hurt when I look back on my crazy writings and thoughts and all the wonderful feed back they get but than I come back to earth and realise that I am me and not everyone can keep up with the pack. Isn't there a saying about people who march to there own drum?
(Hey, maybe I just wrote a well thought out blog entry....)
Enjoy these, you may even find some other blog sites that you didn't know about~
Michael Kline , Kristen Kieffer , Kari Radasch , Keith Kreeger


Anonymous said...

Keep at it. I'm sure there are many people out there (like me) who read blogs but never post comments. I admire how you can be both a potter and a mother. Soldier on! KR

Keith said...

Sometimes when I write a post I feel like I'm at one of those shows on a Sunday where there are what feels like 3 people walking around the entire show. Seeing your link to my site is very much appreciated. I've been lurking around all of the blogs for a little while...even more so since I started writing my own. I've always felt like I'm intruding when I comment. But, I guess it's time to break out of my shell.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Jen, your writing is very thoughtful, and I think most of us feel the same way (somewhat isolated, a little disconnected). Our work and writing --ideally-- is for ourselves, but we want to impact other people to complete the circle of artist and collector/appreciator, so it complicates things a bit to need others. We're all is the same boat. It's nice to hear someone else say it though. Best wishes

Anonymous said...

I live in New Orleans and despite the fact that there's an ivy league school of ceramics here, I don't feel like there are many working potters here. I've only started taking lessons a short while ago. I fell in love with it enough to actually consider this as a career. Reading your and other potters blogs have helped me greatly. I love the way y'all have connected and I feel connected too.

I check everyones blogs (about twenty or so) every day in anticipation. I don't always comment on them all, though. I definitely enjoy yours and am happy that you share yourself with us. It gives me hope.

Jen Mecca said...

You are always welcome to write anything on my post! jen

Thanks for the comment - dito on all you said. What a small fish pool we are in but at times feels like an Ocean. Thanks for leaving me a comment, I really appreciate it! Jen

If you love clay keep it up. It is an addiction and one you worked so hard for but love dearly. Thanks for reading. I need to get to New Orleans one day....its on my list of places to go when I "grow-up". Ha! My heart goes out to all of you that live there. Jen

Emily Murphy said...

Making pots and blogging can be two endeavors that can feel very isolating. With both things, you spend a whole bunch time in your own head. But the end goal of both is to connect with others.
I have had times when I really felt like no one was reading my blog. The time I felt this most strongly was 2 years ago when I hit my 2 year anniversary with my blog. (is there a 2 year blogging slump?)

More recently, I have been trying to consciously stop just commenting on blogs in my own head, and actually type the comments into the little comment box. The dialogs that have evolved have helped to remind me that I am not alone, and that there is a real community of clay bloggers & readers from around the world reading, but not always commenting out loud.

Keep writing! I appreciate your perspective as a mom-potter-blogger. I think it's a voice that isn't heard often enough in the world of clay!

klineola said...

Hey Jen, I think there are many more people out there reading your blog than you think. I hope you will continue to share your thoughtful perspective on pottery and family.

I appreciate your mention of my blog. It's all about community! Cheers.

Jen Mecca said...

Emily - I enjoyed Ron Philbecks story about meeting you at the huge pottery sale a few weekends ago. I think your blog is so informative and one that lots of people check in on. Thanks for your comment...so nice to have that connection to others in the blogging/pottery world.

You have a great list of folks on your blog. I enjoyed seeing the link to Shawn Ireland new site - gave me a chance to see that he's doing new work. I'll keep checking in! Thanks, Jen

Judi Tavill said...

Look what you won!
You go girl...