I had a very productive day today and here I sit finishing up and checking what is going on with the world wide web this evening.
A few platters where made today, cups to go with my teapots and handles on a few pitchers. I even managed to get some paper work/book keeping down in the car-pool line today. Whenever I think of a bright idea like taking my receipts and three ring binder with me to the car-pool line, I'm feeling pretty good about myself!
The weather is the best it can be in my studio. Not to cold and not to hot. I love May and October on my porch!
I posted a few shows my little group is doing in the fall on our website so if you get the chance, check that out under Circle of Eight. In the last few days I've been reading and looking at a lot of blogs.- I'll post my findings and thoughts in the next day or two....it is late....sleep is needed.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jen,

I heard that your butterdish in Strictly Functional will be featured in the upcoming Claytimes! Congrads. That is very exciting. I am finally getting to make some pots in the studio (and I am still sharing space with chickens.)
Amy E.

Jen Mecca said...

Amy should put some chicken feet prints into your pots!

As for the photo,yes I'm thrilled although I had just let me subscribtion lasps....

You still got me beat with your ceramics monthly photo back in the day!j