Here are some new teapots that came out of the kiln this week. One of these is going to Cedar Creeks Gallery's teapot show that opens June the 6th in Creedmoor North Carolina. This teapots show always has a huge amount of work for everyone to see. I'm sure that after the show opens you will be able to view each teapot and even purchase one over the phone if you fall in love with one! You can click on there site and look at the last show 2 years ago.

This teapot with the black is one of the one's I picked to send. The black is new for me and the bird on the top of the pot looks like a raven. I use to live in Richmond Virginia about 15 years ago and I was always intrigued by the Edgar Allen Poe house and his poem about the raven. There where tons of these birds in St. Petersburg Russia when I was there as well and once again, I was intrigued while watching them appear everywhere in the city.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Those colors are fantastic together!

Emily Murphy said...

I love the "watercolor" quality of your glazes! Lovely.