Midlands Clay Art Society

I will doing a one day workshop for the Midlands Clay Art Society in Columbia SC. The workshop will be on Saturday the 28th of June from
10-4. I'll be showing some slides and doing demo's of throwing and altering plus some surface treatment. I'm excited! New people to meet and a pot-luck lunch...the best part of being of potter! For more information you can contact Tim Graham.

One more week to go of none stop end of the school year events. I did not get much done in my studio this week which makes me feel so guilty, but this weekend it will be nothing but clay and staying at home. With gas almost to $4.00 a gallon who wants to go anywhere! It is so crazy to me I can not get my mind around the price of gas!!!
If your out there enjoying Memorial Day this weekend, soak up some of the traveling holiday for me as well!

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