Mid Week

I'm having a bit of an overwhelming week so if I get to blog, it will be short. I did have to get on for a little bit of time this evening because I had to share this photo with everyone. I was coming back from pugging some clay Monday night and found my cat ready to pounce on this little guy. Frogs are pretty cool I think and I don't run across them very much. He was a good break from needing to get everything done is a small amount of time. I love how something like this can make you stop and enjoy the moment.
This evening I didn't get out to work until 9 and I trimmed some platters. Today I spent the whole day at a nature park with Quaid's 1st grade class. On the arrival home at 4 I was going none stop with homework, reading time, cleaning, doing the bills and running to the store. Tomorrow I have a similar day with the girls. This weekend will be my weekend to work and enjoy some unrushed hours in my studio.


Becky said...

You KNEW this post would make me smile, didn't you? :)

Jen Mecca said...

I'm glad you like my friend. I was just telling my class tonight how much I love Kermit the frog especially when he wear his rain coat and interviews people.