Just a short snip-it from me. This morning I spent getting more training for a new format I'm going to have learn and use for my Art History course. Wow...mind blowing. Today was also the start of soccer season. I did get out to the studio this evening and this weekend will be nothing but throw, throw , throw!

I've been having a little fun with an old friend of mine of our facebook page. We are sending each other song lyrics and we have to guess what it is from the 70's or 80's. I've enjoyed digging back in my memory for some good one's.

Boy...when I was in High School I must of listened to this sound track( Purple Rain) a million times while dancing around the house.

Enjoy some Morris Day....every needs a little party music on Friday night!



Anonymous said...

Jennamec, thank you for brightening my day with that Morris Day clip. I love the fact that we have such similar musical tastes.

Circle of Eight said...

I tryed to find "THE BIRD", but I could only find really bad U tube bites. I'd love to see the TIME in concert!!!
You know Laurel and I are playing this music game.She'll know this one because I think we have watched Purple Rain atleast 5 times together. Love that movie!

Tracey Broome said...

I soooo remember this song. I grew up in Myrtle Beach and all the clubs were playing this, so much fun to dance to. I watched Purple Rain the other night and it seemed so lame. I was disappointed about that, I had such good memories of it way back when. I'll dig through my old albums and see if I can find one for you.

Jen Mecca said...

It is a lame movie but that's what makes it entertaining. You can beat the music and the dancing!

Unknown said...

The purple rain concert was my first concert.... I was a junior in high school... I actually have one of the fake flowers that fell from the sky in a scrapbook in my attic!