March Comes In Like a Lion

( Its that the old saying?)

This weekend in my neck of the woods the weather has been just cold, rainy, gloomy and yuk. The bottom part of the yard looked like this below. Lots of flooding..today its worse. (I found out this weekend that the house next door which has caused this issue in our yard, just went into foreclosure. Kind of sad and gloomy - fitting for the weather this weekend.) My studio was... well cold, but I managed to heat it up and worked in it this weekend. Tonight I plan on being out there some more. Joey and I enjoyed a movie together last night. We watched "W", which was mildly entertaining. The children spent the weekend being entertained by the two of us with various activities and this evening they are hoping for snow, which the weather man in calling for. We fear that we will just get a lot of ice. Boy...such a gloomy weekend report!!!
On to pots!
Here is one of the compotes I've been working on. I ran out and bought a much needed level the other day. These can lean and I realised last week that I need to invest a bit in my tools for various challenges I have sometimes with things like this. I'm forging on with cups, bowls and odds and ends until I can get down to the Carolina Clay , pay off my bill and invest in more "fresh" porcelain. I think I have recycled my clay to the limit. We got our tax money back so this is the time of year we stock up on things, get the house and cars fixed up and pay on things. I think I can say I'm honestly ready for spring.

Last but not least, here are all the pecans I still need to take to the "nut cracking place" down in a small town about half and hour away called Lowry's. In fact I think I have one other huge bucket in my glaze shed with more!!(I'm going to try sneak my camera with me so you can see this place..truly old southern history in the making).


judsculpt said...

wow that's a lot of pecans. I wish we had a nut cracking shop. I am a bit of a gatherer myself as I go to several spots that have a grove of nut trees and have two bags of pecans and walnuts,and I also gather wild plums and mulberries curtesy of settlers back in the 1850's that grew them back then, so the trees are very very old. It's awful about the foreclosures of so many homes. Hope the weather improves.Judy

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

That compote is looking good! I remember your post about going to the teas and checking out the traditional compotes. Can't wait to see how this one turns out!

Jen Mecca said...

Judy- we use to have a mulberry tree at our old house and I always wanted to do something with them..but I can't make jam..yet! Glad to know I'm not the only "NUT" out there. Jen