Horn Tooting!

I'm not sure if Amy had posted this or not yet so I'm going to toot her horn for her!
My good buddy Amy Sanders is on the cover and between the pages of Pottery Making Illustrated. I know our whole crew with the Circle of Eight are so proud of her. Amy is such a great potter and a real nice/funny person to be around. This accomplish for her brings a smile to my face. Way to go Amy!

On my own front, I got featured in a local magazine here in my little neck of the woods called Lake Whylie Living. Here is just a snip-it of the article they did on local artists. ( Boy...life would be good if you could pick your own photo's for things like this!) There is a page two, but I'll just leave that one off the blog for now. It was nice article about how I juggle work and family, which all of you who support and read my blog now already. Overall it is an honor when someone wants to meet you and write something about what you do.Hopefully it will bring some business my way as well.

In the studio this week I'm "cleaning house" sort of. Those pieces that are missing their "mates" are being attempted this week. Teapots without cups, sugar bowls with out creamers...ect. Those kind of pots always seem so lonely sitting there on my shelf! I'm also working on some covered jars. Next week a show comes down and another one goes up. More on that to come.


Anonymous said...

congrats Jen!


Jen Mecca said...

Thanks b.,....whomever you are!j

Anonymous said...

Way to go on your feature Jen! Thanks for posting about my deal. You're nice.

Anonymous said...

b. is Barb Chadwick- I couldn't remember my Google account!

jbf said...

Good for you and Amy! Congrats!

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Hi Jen! I'm just catching up on my blog reading and wanted to say congrats to you on the article in the Lake Whylie zine. That's great! Nice shot of you trimming too!