Salt pots and Such

I went to visit Ron the other day and I got to pick up my pots that he fired for me in the salt kiln. You all may remember that in January I took a little break from Porcelain and decided to throw some white stoneware I had in my barn for awhile. I dipped them in Tile 6 for a slip and then used just a simple black glaze and a yellow glaze for the inside of the pots. You'll see that the yellow did not turn out the way I thought it would but it was my own fault for not testing it. ( And of course I know not to do this but....I was just playing around so I went on a whim.)

So..here are some of the pots. I think I have also said before that I'm planning to play with the surface a bit more. I'm not really sure what I'll do but I know they will go into the electric kiln for a few firings and they will have color on them. ( No way I keep anything simple!) Next week I think I'll get to all this.

This weekend I spent a lot time in the studio making flower blocks, platters and bowls for an up coming show next weekend. This Thursday I'll be firing a glaze kiln.

I'm going to get back to my thoughts about the color wheel soon as well. Ron and I have been having lots of conversations about surface and color lately. Now I can truly say that I think glazing is the hardest thing to do when it comes to making a pot. So many options to choose from and so many things to flub up. I am happy with my pots from the electric kiln which has taken me a long time to except. I'm sure all my insecurities about using an electric kiln come from the educated background I have. When I was in school it was not cool to put work in a electric kiln. Everything was about atmosphere! Boy how things come full circle. In my view I see so many great pots coming out of electric kiln that I'm sure it has caused me to hold off on hooking up my salt kiln even more! I think everything comes full circle. Boy all of you who fire just gas, your time should be next!

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