Trying to keep "cool"

So the kids have been on Spring Break all week. I of course planned a few weeks ago to just "take the week off" but really, that's impossible to do when you still have clay classes going on, Art History folks on line asking me questions and pots...looming over my head. I did manage a few days of adventure, play and fun for the kids but today, I needed to glaze.

This is where my story should start but really I guess since after starting my glaze day at 10 am and finishing finally at 4:30, I should just be thankful I got it done. On normal days, I can glaze a whole kiln of pots in about 3 1/2 hours. As you can see, today it took me 6 1/2 and it wasn't even a full kiln load of work! I have to pat myself on the back and say through all the interruptions, people in and out, arguments I had to settle, food I needed to get, various "screens" I needed to turn on or off..........I was proud of myself for keeping my cool. Towards the end the I managed to talk the kids into about 2 hours of just playing outdoors.
The girls brought out their Littlest Pet-Shop crew and Quaid played nicely with them by building homes, rivers and forts for them all. If I had more memory on my camera I would of taken shots of all the "huts" they built because they where pretty cool!

.....Pray that I washed all my lids well, cleaned all the bottoms well and loaded the kiln right after switching on and off my brain all day today. I should be use to this on and off life I lead but every now and than, it catches me off guard.


jbf said...

Wow, I couldn't have glazed with all that going on. JUST glazing wears me out. More power to you.

Anonymous said...

Love the wonderful little critter abodes. What a day of multi multi tasking. Bet you're tired.

Unknown said...

you are so cool. you just are.

Jen Mecca said...

Ok..I'm laughing...nothing cool going on here. Today my husband took the kids away..ahhhhhh..you don't know my joy of pure silence in my house and studio.If it was'nt so cold, I'd go out the throw pots in my undies... Thanks Judi!