Hen House....Home

Just a quick post to say that the Hen House Sale that I loved putting together and doing with my gal friends here in York had to scale down a bit this year. Its going to be at my house!

I haven't had a home sale for about 2 years so although we won't have as many folks with us, Colleen, Mary Anna and I had to find a place super quick for the Hen's to go. So, here we will be on December 5th, which is a Sunday. ( Personally I think this is a wonderful day to shop for Christmas gifts). And we'll be here for most of the day along with a few goodies but some local folks here in York.

Please mark your calendar and plan to come say HI. Now that my kitchen has a new floor, we are not so embarrassed to have quests over!

I'll post more about this soon along with a map.

Out to work on some tiles. Have a good middle of week day!


Ron said...

Good plan! I hope you all have a good turnout. I'll post something for ya later on on my site.

Vicki Gill, potter said...

Hey, got your email but hadn't had a chance to reply. Hope you all have a great show.

Polish Pottery said...

these hens are so great, I've just imagined how it would look on the pottery hen covers