Home show in Charlotte

I was asked again by my glass friend Lisa Oakley to join her for a home show here in Charlotte. Her sister in law, Claire Oakley is hosted it and it is near the South Park area of town.

You can see more information about Lisa by just visiting the site for Cedar Creek Gallery. Lisa has a wonderful sense of humor and I enjoy having a chance to hang out with her, admire her glass work and have many good laughs...all while selling some pots! Friends in the craft world need to stick together and I always enjoy opportunities like this one where I get to visit with an old friend.

Today I enjoyed some pancakes with my pottery pals Amy, Ron and Julie. Julie ( Wiggins..that is) will soon have a web page and I think even a blog! The three of us have been encouraging her in this direction and she announced this morning that she's working on a site! YEAH....another good soul to add to the blogging community.

I did spend the whole day with my Mommy cap on. This evening I got a few things done and tomorrow I'm hoping for a really productive day before all the spooks and goblins come out!


cookingwithgas said...

The mommy cap is very important!
Then the pots- you can always go back to pots, but you hate missing the moments with the kids.
Happy Halloween at your house!

Anonymous said...

love that black and white glass bowl... good luck getting productive

Scott Smith said...

Jen, you're not doing CPF this year? Isn't it the same day as your CLT home show?

Jen Mecca said...

No, I'm not the one in Shelby this year. Ron will be there!