You oughta' where shades..

Today I spent most of the morning with Quaid at Sam's club getting his vision checked out as well as my own. Can you believe this was my first time ever seeing an eye doctor? The verdict did come back that I need some spectacles when I'm reading and here at the computer...or just doing any kind of activity up close. Yet another sign of the impending truth that I'm aging.
So, Quaid and I did a little fashion show for each other and tried on a number of different styles. Quaid of course went for the practical frames that would not slide down his nose anymore and I felt like a babe lost in the woods with all the various occupations I could pass for with just a different style of frame! I've found the my 8 year old boy is my most honest and truest critic when it comes to dressing his Mom. If he laughs and I know I'm way far off and if something just doesn't look good he'll honestly tell me "Mom, that's just not you". In the end I found a nice pair of Liz Claiborne frames in black and we'll see how they work.

I've had a lot of needy students online this week who have kept me from my normal amount of time in the studio. Today I got a lot done and I"m getting ready to go back out this evening. The tiles are coming along and the design has been changed a bit for my mural piece. Hopefully I'll have something to show you around Monday.

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

well, after that story i was thinking you were gonna post a picture of yourself with those liz claiborne's on. sorry to hear that you're aging... almost as sorry as i was to find out that i was. my vision was perfect until i was 46 and then it just got bad fast. although i'm grateful for not having to wear glasses the 1st 46 years, the transition seems more of a pain because i took it for granted that i would always be seeing fine. hope your vision decline is slow and gradual

Jen Mecca said...

Oh..I was totally on your thought pattern about my vision! Of course the eye doctor told me that the computer makes it worse and this year more than ever, I am always on here dealing with Art History folks.
I will get a photo up when they come in. Vanity just has to go away at some point. Right?

Katrina said...

Thanks for the great blog. We tweeted about you! Check it out:CarlasClaySRQ.

Will look for you on fb, too!