Tuesday check in

I was able to try out some new porcelain last night. My old pal Allison McGowen gave me a bag of Matt and Dave's Clays. If you use porcelain of do slip cast work you should check them out. Their blog is pretty fun to read and the clay body I threw last night was very nice. I have to find out some more info. on it but I'm investigating finding some new clay perhaps.
I'm also working on sketching out a wall piece for the CDC. I'll see if I can get some photo's up from my sketch book soon.

Have a good one! Jen


Gary's third pottery blog said...

you have a good one too :)

Anonymous said...

hi jen, i tried their clay too and although i'm not quite ready for a change, it performed extremely well. when you say the CDC, are you meaning the centers for disease control?

Jen Mecca said...

Hi Jim!
Ron and I where looking at your post about their clay body this morning! And thanks for the laugh...the CDC is a show around here that I do. I'm going through the whole process with the bottle I threw a few nights ago. I'll try and put my results up after I get it out of the glaze kiln. I'm also trying a bunch of Laguna clays.
Hope the rats have stayed away! Jen