Saturday's show

Saturday's weather was perfect once again for our fall Circle of Eight sale. Many folks came out to say Hi and give lots of support to our little community of potters. I enjoyed seeing some former students from Clayworks along with familiar customers. I think everyone had some really good kilns come out for the show. We all at times think that our work may not turn out the way we planned but in the end, only we as the artists can see this.

Below is Amy Sanders work. That wonderful vase with the flowers in it now belongs to me! I think Amy sometimes thinks a lot like I do about form and making her pieces look like little creatures. I told her Saturday that this form reminded me of the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland. After that thought, I knew I had to have this piece!
Here is Julie Wiggins next to her "Flower Cake". Very cool interpretation of a flower block. Julie looked so cute with her little hat on, I had to take this photo.
Ronan Peterson was our quest this fall. Ronan also has such a wonderful, creative flare to his work. His forms are just...well so cool! He is always fun to talk to and super nice about sharing glaze recipes and techniques. We were all very happy to have him join us yesterday and I think the crowd really enjoyed seeing and purchasing his work as well.

It is 11pm here in York and it has pretty much taken me until now to lift the fog from my head that I always have after a show. Today was a good day of sleeping late, decorating the house for Halloween and unpacking my pots from the show.
I enjoyed a wonderful documentary on Jimmy Carter this evening which was very inspiring to me. My favorite part was knowing that former President Carter always fly's couch when he travels. It showed him getting on an airplane and anyone who wanted to say hello to him while he boarded could do so. He just always takes a seat in the back of the plane with the group that travels with him and he just..takes a nap. I wish more folks who where public servants did such humble things like this.
Monday is a new start. Time to take a deep breath, reflect on my pots and the show and move forward. My next big project is a multi-tile wall piece for the CDC show coming up in November.
Hope everyone had a wonderful start to October this weekend!


Linda Starr said...

Seeing these photos is the next best thing to being there in person, thanks for the tour, some really great work there.

jbf said...

It was a great show and the weather was perfect.

Anonymous said...

looks like a good time, i can see the caterpillar in that vase you bought... lucky you. really like that platter of ronan peterson... pretty cool piece.