This is what I did today to start my studio time. I have to have a calendar so I know when I need to stop making stuff, when I need to glaze, when it will be out and all that "jazz".
(Don't you love how I didn't care about the shadow when I took this shot?)
This evening we are off to see Neko Case with Ron Philbeck and his wife Sara. Joey LOVES Neko Case and since we really didn't do anything for his birthday, I guess this is his treat for the month. I plan on having a beer and getting some breathing time in that I need.
Today Mckenna got to go back to school. She was a little scared this morning and I had some issues getting her up and feed. Being alone with Mommy for 8 days is a treat for the twins. Naturally even though she wanted to see her friends, she still wanted to just stay home with me. I felt my whole body relax when everyone got out of the car this morning at carpool. Even Mommies need some down time.
Off to throw more stuff!


cookingwithgas said...

Yes they do!
As a mother/potter who only raised two kids while making pots- I know what you are saying. Work went so well when they were well and at school.
Good luck on your upcoming shows.

Jen Mecca said...

Thanks! Always good to hear that support from other Mom's.