Quick check-in..

I got my last kiln loaded last night at ...dare I say 1:30am? My kiln sitter cracked while I was loading a shelf and I had to go searching for some Allen wrenches and do some minor repairs. But, I kept my head, fixed the issue and just focused on getting myself some sleep. The kiln is still going and should shut off late this morning. I won't unload it until the morning when its nice and cool. I'm glad I'm done and hope that everything looks as good as the stuff that has come out of the last two kilns. My Masters work tiles are in this kiln so we'll see how they look ( nailing biting....)

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

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Tracey Broome said...

Way to go on the timing! I made myself stop today, and put the clay away until next week.Going over to the CDC to help Deb Harris set up the high school booth tomorrow, see ya over there sometime this weekend.