CDC Information

I managed to scan..well half of the wonderful card the CDC organization sent to all of us participating in the show this year. Just a little "sample" of what the card looked like this year! This is the 40th year of this show. WOW! The Friday night preview party this year I think is suppose to be a little bit more elaborate than last year. Maybe there will be champagne this year instead of just wine. ( but don't quote me on that...)At any rate, its fun!
I'm moving along. Last night I started on my flower blocks and more candle holders. Today I think I'll make some olive dishes. I'm trying to think about all the space and pockets in my kiln once the big pieces get in there. Its always about efficiency once I get to this point. Keep sending those good pottery vibes my way!
This evening my Winthrop class will be finishing up their end of the semester projects. Boy that went by so fast! Getting back into the swing of teaching college kids this Fall has been a good thing for me. I have alot of ideas in my head for next semester. This fall I pretty much stuck with projects that Jim Connell has used in the beginning clay class for years and that worked out well for me. Over Christmas break I plan on looking through some of my old East Carolina projects and seeing what else I can come up with.
You all have a good Tuesday! Jen


Linda Starr said...

Gee time has been flying by. I always find no matter how many small items I make there is always room for more to squeeze in.

amy said...

Jen- gosh, I hope everyone your household gets better soon and stays healthy! Good luck with preparing for the show...thinking about you!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I was like CDC, center for disease control?