I'm Here!

I just realized when I went to post some photo's that I didn't have my card in the camera and the cable is now where to be found.......soooo..so much for some shots of my pots!

I did unload a kiln this week. Some good stuff, some stuff that wants to be re fired. I have also been able to get in the studio a bit more. Joey had to stay home today because I think this "stuff" we all had is slowly getting him as well. I am happy to report that all the kids ( knock on wood) are on the mend including myself.

I have my "eye on the prize" this coming week to really push myself in the studio. The CDC is only a week in 1/2 away!! I was in the studio this evening and even though I have a list in front of me of what I need to make, I got side tracked on these covered jars that popped into my head today. Will my mind ever stay on track?

I'll take new photo's tomorrow and I promise I'll get the card in the camera this time around!

I thought you all would like a little Psychedelic Fur's for a Friday "chill" song. Enjoy a little "Ghost in you".

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