Show Post-poned

Lisa Oakley and I have decided to post-pone our holiday open house this weekend. Lisa is home sick with kids as well as myself. In someways I sort of have to chuckle about this because it really shows how two Mommies who are also craftspeople have to just put our little one's first before this career we have chosen. It just way to hard to get out to your studio to work when you have a little person inside who just wants you to sit with them and read them a book. Both Lisa and I also have husbands who work away from home so even though our "Better-halves" help out a great deal, they don't work from home and we don't have the option of a few hours of trade between being nurse-maid and craftsmen.
So, we plan on having a Spring show together. Both of us hope that we'll be able to get enough work together now for the Carolina Designer Craftsmen show we will be attending Thanksgiving weekend.
I have a glaze kiln that I'm unloading today so I'll have some finished work to show everyone! Yah!!

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