Odds and Ends of the weekend..

I'm not sure if I posted this or not but our twins did finally get back into the school we applied for the end of this year so this weekend we had a little event at the new school that we attended. Big "YEH-HA" for that obstacle out of the way...

Yesterday I began the glazing process. Here is one of the twins joining me just after the kiln got unloaded. I didn't realize how many pots I had packed in that kiln over the last few weeks. I have another bisque kiln to load in a day or so, so I hope I'll be well stocked for my Blowing Rock show. ( Mckenna got a new beany baby this weekend so "Pinky" as she named her had to join in for a photo opp!)
Meredith from Why Not Pottery emailed me this morning to say that one of my boxes was featured in a blog by Tom Starland called Carolina Arts Unleashed. That was a treat!
And my pal Amy Sanders sent me a interested article about Etsy that some of you may want to check out. As you know I do have a etsy site now. Its pretty small and I really haven't had any nibbles on anything but in all truth, I haven't done that much with it besides getting it up and going. That was a long awaited event in itself so maybe this Fall I'll put more time and energy into that.
Until than, its Sunday and since the girls are playing nicely together and Quaid is at a friends house, I think I'll head back out to the shed for a bit more glazing!


Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Congrats! I checked out the blog and saw the post with your work pictured and mention of Meredith's show. That's getting exciting to think about! Did you take the photo of your piece? If so, well done!

Jen Mecca said...

Hi Patricia,
I did take that photo! Thanks for the comment, hope you are well.