I'm immersed in motherhood this summer. We have hit the age of siblings bickering, rivalry and trying to gain a little bit of Independence from mother. I heard a great interview the other day on NPA about "Free Range Kids". This interview was all about how we live in an age of the "helicopter parent" and we don't let our kids explore and just be a kid. I am all the time saying how I wish I could let Quaid and the girls just ride their bike all over town but instead, I make them stay close to home. By society and all those cop shows and the media has really done a number on us over the last 20 years! I'm still sort of digesting what the author of Free Range Kids was saying to see if I could cut that umbilical cord just a bit more.......

In the mean time, I found a few blogs searching around the net for motherly advise. I just like Eric Carle and a friend of mine had this one on her blog list as well.

In the studio I'm still finding snip-its of time to work. Here are a few teapots from the other day. I finally got a bisque loaded last night and this weekend I'll do some glazing. Next weekend is Arts in the Park. Such a fun show to do!!


cookingwithgas said...

you are having some fun with clay and the kids.
It will all be over before you know it!
Sell pots in blowing rock!

TotallyToTheT said...

Thanks for sharing the links to these blogs. I have always loved Eric Carle's work!