Organizing my thoughts and photo's

I spent all day...well most of it, in front of this box. I downloaded photo's, organized files, graded tests, worked on my calendar for the year and answered a 1,000 emails I think! Wow..

I was thinking today at lunch that I had so much to blog about this week and sadly, like most days this year, little time to blog. But..there is always hope I'll catch some time here and there to get my thoughts down. Seems a shame not to blog when I think I actually have something to share! I'm sure all my fellow bloggers out there have weeks that go by when you feel like you really have nothing to post. I know I get in that rut at times and I wonder weather to just post something..anything at all or leave my slate dry for a bit.

So, with that said I will try my best in the morning to get a good post up. I have some final exam for my students I need to re-do a bit in the morning as well as post some study questions but hopefully if all my little people are playing nicely and content, I'll be able to blog a bit also!