Bad Karma pottery day

Some days you have just got to wonder what you did to piss the pottery gods off. Today was one of those days for me. Nothing to horrible happened just little things all day long. Here's my list:

*Unloaded kiln this morning. Work with words on them basically sucked. I hated them.Yuk!! The tiles where fine but the boxes just did not look good and the rest of the work was to dark...my glazes revolted on me in the kiln. What was up with that??? So I packed up what I could and left the rest to look at when I got back home.

* Went to load up my car and jammed my finger in the door.

* Went to my packing shed to get out my shelves for my set-up and found that Joey had put them back way behind what seemed like a mound of stuff to move. Took me forever to get them out!

* Spilled coffee on myself in the car driving to set up.

* Got to art center to set up and relised I had left my lights at home to make my display look better ( which it needed since I did'nt really have a huge variety to pots! And I was next to someone who had amazing lighting.

* My display fell while I was putting it up almost knocking down the display beside it. ( In this case the pottery gods spared me.)

* I broke two pieces unpacking and setting up.

*Went to pick up my kids at school with empty pottery boxes in the car and found it was my turn to do car pool and bring home 3 other children. Result...the poor kids had to ride home with plastic crates on there laps whinning to me the whole time and asking if we can just throw them out somewhere on the way home, which is an 1/2 hour drive. ( Mainly this was my sons idea.)

* Got home and got a rejection letter in the mail along with my slide back.

So...hence was the bad pottery karma day. I did manage to take a nap before dinner and tried to regroup for the night. A song by the rock group Foreigner came into my head and I managed to change the lyrics to fit my own thoughts......"Feel like making....dada..dada..dada....dada....I feel like makin' clay". Why this popped into my head...who knows. Finally I ended the day making clay to start new tomarrow.
Ps.I still can not get my spell check to work!

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Tales of an Artist & his Travelers said...

You have duendes. Not to worry, they bore easily and if you lead them outside they`ll float away with the breeze. As a matter of fact, I had them last week and gave them th a strong wind heading to the east. Enjoy their company.