How Fitting

So here I am in my last post talking about words and why I think I'm into writing on my pots and low and behold...my spell check won't work! Comic irony( I have no idea if that is even spelled right!)

I didn't get to glazeing today because both girls stayed home from school with colds. I had to call the arts council and plead my case for setting up my pots on Wed., a day later than the rest of the crew. Such is life as a mother. I have a good potter friend at the moment who is getting ready to have her first child and since she too is a studio potter, I'm curious to see how she handles it all. Unlike myself, she got her career going before she decided to have children. This was a smart move!
Tonight I will glaze.

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Amy said...

Girl- we'll just see. I'm sure I'll be consulting you a lot!!!