Happy Heart Day

So today is Friday but I'm still doing Valentine's day. Joey surprised me and took the day off so he could be Mommy and Daddy today and I could be...well just me. I am such a lucky gal to have a guy that helps out so much with being a Dad. I love to see my husband with the kids and after 7 years of learning as we go being parents ( and we still have our moments and will always) we make a pretty good team. We always have good laughs about who knows the other one better. Today the phone rang and I knew it was Joey on the other end and the questions he was going to ask me so I just answered the phone without a hello and just gave him his answer. I think it is so cool how someone in the world that is not related to you can be closer to you than your own flesh and blood.

So...back to my day, I am still in heaven with my latest computer adventure! I slept late and here I am doing my morning computer stuff , faster then lightning I might add!I enjoying listening to NPR and I've had three phone calls while on the computer..what a consept! My breakfast even tastes better today. After this I'm off for my walk and than into the studio. I hope everyone had fun yesturday.

Here is my favorite Valentine from one of my four year olds.

Since I've been making lots of mugs I thought I start doing a "mug post" for this day. I have two times a day I drink coffee. In the morning and at night before I go back out to work. Each time I make a point to pick a differant mug from our collection. Some I have bought, some are my rejects and some people have given to me. Here is one by my friend Amy Sanders!


Scott Smith said...

Debi and I do that sort of thing too. Back when Finn was born, Michele showed Debi the possible pictures that she was going to use for the announcements. Then later, she showed them to me. Debi and I made the same comments about the same pictures. It's funny and a little weird, but very cool.

Hey, now that you have high-speed, you know you can listen to music on the computer.

Are you familiar with pandora.com? You put in an artist or song and it plays similiar music.

Also, THE BEST radio station in the country is KFOG.com.

Hope you enjoy your high-speed internet access, find some cool new music, get Joey back on his blog and increase your productivity due to less time spent computing.

Jen Mecca said...

Thanks...drop a note to Joey aboutt the music stuff, most likely he already knows but just in case. I hope he gets back to his blog even though at times if you did'nt know him you'd wonder what is in that head of his.( Gotta' love him..)He is even amazed at how fast our computer is;its faster than his work computer. Now I can update my website and all sorts of stuff...so exciting!

So, how are those pots coming along?