Opening Friday night

My pal Julie sent me some photo's from the opening Friday night. It was a lot of fun getting out and being, what seemed to be a whole differant crowd than our norm here in York. The two of us kind of felt like we where in Greenville NC again because it was a very hip, artsy crowd like when I was in grad school. Sometimes we miss the old days when it was just us and we could go to cool resturants and interesting opening ect.~ Of course if I where still doing this every weekend I wouldn't have little people jumping in bed with me pretending to be some sort of rodant under the covers on the weekends. Neither of us would trade that.....
Anyways, the work in the gallery was all very nice. Both of the owners did wonderful work. Here are some painting by Duy Huynh who is one of the owners. Joey and I loved his work because it was very dream-like.
The gallery was set up with things all around so there wasn't really one view of my space but here are a few of my pieces.

We ended the night at a great Vietnamese resturant. Here we are! Its true what they say about men, they just get better looking with age. Atleast to me, my husband does. He's back on his blog as well and enjoying the fact that I made us get high speed!

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