Here are some things from this weekend. This is the flower/frog (?) thing I had in my head and wanted to try. (Please someone give me the correct name for this.) Its a good start to something. I often wish I had a little pen that I could draw on the screen of the computer with and show my next thoughts to what I want to do next or don't like about a piece. I'm sure there is something like this...but we don't have it.

Here are some covered jars in there first stages and my twins that will be stained and loaded this week.

My mug for the day is by Shawn Ireland who lives in Bakersville NC ( I think). The first time I went to Penland he was the core student and just getting into pottery I think. I like how his pots a ruff but still have some color to them.

I thought I'd also show our array of flavored coffee's. I drink more of this than Joey does. He just likes super strong regular coffee but sometimes I can talk him into the fancy stuff. I'm curious to see how the Bishops Blend is that the church sold with my mugs a few weeks ago.


John "little like sand" said...

I believe the frog is the piece that`s in the pot with little spikes to hold the flowers. We made a bunch of Icabanna(?) pots a long time ago and used frogs in them. I usually go to the coffee section and mix 4-5 different kinds together, kind of a surprise custom mix.

Scott Smith said...

I'm not big on flavored coffee either. My current favorite is Community House - New Orleans Blend (their dark, medium and other blends are OK but not nearly as good as the New Orleans blend).

The New Orleans blend has chicory and just begs for a bit of milk/cream. It is such a good cup of coffee. I think you'd both like it.

It can be hard to find the New Orleans blend around here in stores sometimes. Check with Debi - she can tell you who has it.