Mugs and red-slop clay

I've been throwing mugs! Yippee! I made sure I was down to my last bag of porcelain before bringing out the red slop clay that I've been housing for a year. I always use this clay at this time of the year because typically for the last 5 years I've donated some sort of pottery item in bulk to our church for a fund raiser the youth group does. This year the youth group asked me to do mugs so they can sell mugs along with some great coffee made at a monistary somewhere. ( I'm excited to try this coffee!) Of course I've enjoyed making all sorts of mugs and using this clay that I pugged and is just like butter to throw. It is also so forgiving, what a breeze compared to porcelain! But with all that, I keep looking at my wheel, wedging table and pug-mill and thinking...what a mess to clean up. So far I've thrown 50 mugs and also a few plates that I want to play with. I decided I still do not totally want to give up on my writing and thought maybe it would be interested on big platters. First I want to see it on a plate and decided weather or not sacrificing all that clay will be worth it.

Today I reloaded the pieces that I just did not like out of the last kiln along with a bunch of test tiles. I haven't made tests in over a year and boy do you forget how time comsuming it can be!

Last night some friends and I went to see the movie Juno. It was great so if you get a chance go see it.

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tales of an artist & his travelers said...

Nice handles on the tall mugs. They look as if they will balance well with a full mug.