Firing Time

I guess I last wrote in the middle of the week. The later part of my week was spent getting ALL my tax stuff together, throwing some more and My domestic goddess duties...Ha! Today I am staining and incising the last bit of work before I put it in the bisque. I will be glazing on Monday and unloading/packing Tuesday morning. On Thurseday night I have an opening at the Cleveland County Arts Council for a show I do every year called Treasures of the Earth. I also have an opening at a new gallery down in the North Davidson section of Charlotte. The gallery is called The Lark and Key and the grand opening is February 15th. Joey and I are planning on making it a Valentine's date with a night out and dinner. After trying to get the kids to eat meat loaf, sit still in their seats and not look at each cross-eyed at the table, I was dreaming of this quiet night together that we will be having.
I had one more opening this month and that was a show sponsored by the SC Heritage Corridor. It is called The Connection and you can read more about it on there web site. Its has to do with the connection between South Carolina and Barbados West Indies. I can honestly say that this show will enable me to put on my resume' that my work has been shown internationally because not only does the show travel all around the state for a year but it will also be in Barbados. Boy, it would be great if I could go to that opening!

Here are some more soup mugs.
I really am into these this month. Lets hope my shopping public is as excited about soup in the winter time as I am!

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